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carefully run and that an accurate listing price has been determined. Click to give Professionalism Communication 4 stars. Click to give Responsiveness 3 stars. There are no inconvenient, unknown surprises. Living is exciting as residents participate as they wish in a plethora of almost 50 clubs and activities! If you let us know your interest, our La Donna Keaton Team members would be thrilled to share their excitement about Palm Desert Greens and possibly help you find the retirement home of your dreams! La Donna Keaton moved to Palm Desert Greens in 1980 and began her real estate career in 1981, establishing a record for professionalism and integrity. Members of the La Donna Keaton Team have established a reputation for service and honesty that has catapulted the sales, making it most often the leading real estate producer in Palm Desert Greens. Frequently asked questions, how does a Novated Lease work? The benefits for Novated Lease drivers are on-going through convenience, discounts and savings on all parts of running your vehicle.

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Negotiation Skills, click to give Negotiation Skills 1 star. What other benefits does a Novated Lease have? This allows your car to be treated like a company car which normally provides income tax and GST savings to you. Click to give Market Expertise 3 stars. It is weather sheltered behind the majestic often snow covered peaks of San Jacinto and San Gorgonio mountains, and boasts over 300 glorious sun filled days per year. Click to give Overall Rating 2 stars. Click to give Negotiation Skills 5 stars. In 2007 she created the La Donna Keaton Team. The La Donna Keaton Team, serving Palm Desert Greens Country Club. A Novated Lease provider will also source the most competitive price on your car using their fleet buying power. You may need to adhere to your employer's policy requirements, however the choice of make, model, even sunroof is all yours! Professionalism Communication, click to give Professionalism Communication 1 star.

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