Euro Dollar prévisions Forex crunch

euro Dollar prévisions Forex crunch

for all currencies? Trade wars have been put on hold for now. Another significant event that stands out is the Non-Farm Payrolls report on Friday, where wages remain central. More: EUR/USD Forecast: Feds meeting and Nonfarm Payrolls, two for the price of one. Mediocre euro-zone data is not helping and the US GDP could provide another blow. The EUR/USD initially rallied when ECB President called the recent slowdown a "moderation" and listed temporary factors. Draghi clarified that the pledge to keep rates at low levels extends through September 2019 and not earlier as some had speculated.

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We can now see a downtrend support line accompanying the pair since late March when it hit.2240. Expectations had been pushed higher by reports from the White House about an even higher level of growth. Trump may change his mind later. All in all, economic data looks much better in the US, justifying the fall in the EUR/USD. The continent's largest economy is projected to report an annual price increase.1 in the hicp measure, the European standard. The data feeds into the euro-zone CPI measure published tomorrow. The EUR/USD attempted recovery from the 7-week lows but never went too far. The central bank is unlikely to raise rates but will probably lay the ground for another increase in the September meeting. The 10-year benchmark fell from the highs.033 to below. These rosy views are not shared by the majority of economists who see Q2 as the exception, not the norm. It is followed by the March 1st low.2155 and.2210 follows.