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trading and Wall Street. 2) Wall Street (1987) Domestic Gross: 94,222,800. Chris terus berjuang meski sempat mengalami tindak diskriminasi dalam perusahaan itu. It's interesting to know that even before the movie was filmed, Stone went to stock floors and dwelled on the subtle elements of brokers' language and the innovation used. Chandor, sutradara film ini, berhasil mengajak penontonnya untuk melihat metafora jatuhnya sebuah bank investasi. It is based on the true story of a brilliant yet depraved financial expert Jordan Belfort who served 22 months for fraud and money laundering. Burry yang berprofesi sebagai manager hedge fund ini memprediksi bahwa suatu saat, sektor properti akan rubuh dan mengakibatkan krisis. The corporation can buy property, has legal ownership and rights. Kegigihan para mantan Mahasiswa tersebut pun membuahkan hasil. At the same time, even though it is a comedy, it is also a favorite of many traders (myself included) as well as one of the best Christmas movies of all time (again my opinion. And I, like many of you still love. But hey, its a comedy so perhaps I should lighten.

Meski sama-sama menceritakan kondisi dunia saat krisis finansial, The Big Short berbeda dari Inside Job karena The Big Short bertabur aktor-aktor kawakan Hollywood dan dikemas secara ringan dan disisipi guyonan-guyonan cerdas meski membuat penontonnya tetap harus berpikir. Di tahun itu, perusahaan-perusahaan finansial besar bertumbangan, termasuk Lehman Brothers.

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Remember, you should always relax after a hard working day/week, to stay positive, optimistic and energized. Production costs : 3,500,000. Hampir sama seperti Wall Street versi 1987, keserakahan itu membawa sengsara. With a star-studded cast and the use of unconventional filming techniques, the film was both a critical and financial success and was nominated for five Academy Awards of which it only received one, best adapted screenplay. With an all-star cast including the likes of Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Irons, it favored well with critics but only had a limited cinematic release. Posisi mereka adalah sebagai pialang saham dengan segala targetnya. Being so globally recognized it is no wonder that Hollywood has on many occasions tried to cash in by producing films to capture Wall Streets decadent appeal.